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Pull a Room Together with a Rug

Rugs can strikingly add to the ambience of any room in moments while adding both a focal point and surface protection.

They can also be easily moved or removed altogether, depending on the season, and don’t have to break the budget.

Size and position

When it comes to rugs, size definitely matters.

The right-sized rug should “ground” a floor space – and its furniture – without overcrowding it.

So, measure the preferred room or space first before buying and remember to consider the current layout of your furniture.

Material and quality

With a wealth of different rug materials available, it can be difficult to choose which one is best.

Don’t forget to consider the rug’s pile, its density and thickness.

High-pile rugs will feel fluffier and warmer on your feet than their low-pile cousins but the latter are much hardier, and a better idea, for high-traffic areas such as a hallway or main living room.

Rugs in high-traffic locations need to be tough and easy to clean – while of course still being attractive.

Natural and handmade fibers such as wool, cotton, sisal, jute and hemp are ideal for well-used spaces; however, they can be costly.

As they are plant-produced, sisal, jute and hemp rugs are eco-friendly but they can easily stain.

The natural lanolin oil in a wool rug will ensure they repel all water and stain marks.

Synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polyester and polypropylene are also good for high-traffic areas and are cheaper than natural fibers.

But some of these fibers absorb dirt and water and thus, can appear dirtier than they actually are, while repeated spills or stains can result in mildew and bacteria contamination. An alternative can be acrylics which are stain resistant.

Care and cleaning

Natural and synthetic fibers need to be cleaned differently.

The latter rugs can be spot-cleaned, steam-cleaned or vacuumed.

Tough and hard-wearing, wool rugs should generally not be scrubbed, as this will damage the fibers. They must only be cleaned with cold, not hot, water or will shrink.

Sisal, jute and hemp rugs should only be shaken out, not cleaned with water.

Don’t forget

Rug pads are crucial as they will protect rugs from furniture “dents” and reduce the risk of slips and trips from rug movements.

Pads can also protect rugs themselves and increase their lifespan.

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