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Simple Edits

Simple Edits for Your Home

Staying at home 24/7 is the BEST way to really evaluate your space. What do you love? What are you tired of looking at? What do you want to change? A few simple edits can be game-changers in a home renovation. Might boost your mood while also adding value to your home.

Bathroom at 5570 Liberty Rd in Bentleyville OH

• Light Fixtures: Swap them out for new ones. The difference in a new family room overhead light or even the bathroom lights is very noticeable.

• Upgrade a backsplash or entryway with new tiles. For a fast fix, purchase “peel & stick” tiles.

• Open up a dark kitchen by swapping out the cabinet doors with glass ones. Or, change the hardware on the drawers with something new.

What part of your home would you love to upgrade? Let us know… maybe we can help brainstorm simple edits and decor ideas with you! Contact us.

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Photographer, Anna Hunter

See more photos of this gorgeous home. 5570 Liberty Road in Bentleyville Ohio