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We are Preparing for Spring

Squint hard and you’ll see the light at the end of the proverbial winter tunnel. Spring is nearing.

Knocking a few small tasks out now can help you get the most out of those first few—and often fleeting days—of warmth. You know, that stretch when it’s picnic weather one day, and the next, it’s freezing again and the picnic blanket you were inspired to order hasn’t even arrived. Plus, is there any better antidote to early March than transporting yourself to your April garden, even if just for a moment?

Here’s what our experts suggest putting on your to-do list now:

Replace your HVAC filters: Pollen season is coming!

Restock your sunscreen: Yes, you should be wearing sunscreen year-round, but especially when you’ll be spending more time outdoors. Buy quality in advance vs. whatever you can find in the closest store. And if your sunscreen has expired (check those dates!) or you’ve had it for more than three years, you’ll definitely want a replacement.

Invest in a good Bluetooth speaker: As your backyard, porch, or patio grows ever more inviting, you’ll want a Bluetooth speaker that’s portable enough to grab and go—and durable enough to withstand the elements. Because what’s the first dinner outside of the year without some tunes?

Beat the bike shop crowds: Bike shops get slammed in spring, when everyone remembers, ‘Oh, I have a bike! I want to go for a ride!’ And then they see that their tires are flat, and their chain is gunked up from basement or garage dust.” If it’s been a minute since your bike has seen the light of day, bring it into the shop for a tune-up now.

Plan some planting: Start your seeds indoors now instead of having to buy full-blown plants come spring.

Get ready to take your office outside: The right gear makes it easy for you to take your calls, answer emails, and be productive outdoors. Prepare now so that when the warm sun finally graces you with its presence, you won’t have to wait until clock-out time to soak it in.

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