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Will DIY Work Impact Value?

Will DIY work impact property value?
When it comes to home maintenance, owners tend to overrate their DIY skills, producing work that either doesn’t add value to their property or damages it.

Be aware that poorly executed and finished work will diminish the property’s value.

If buyers recognize poor work they will often seek a discount to pay for remediation or consider another property with no such issues.

These home improvement tips will help you stay on track.

Safety question

Be honest with yourself about your level of skills and remember to always put safety first.

Legal question

You should be aware that some work, such as plumbing, electrics and additions, must be conducted by licensed contractors. If you take on such tasks, you could be breaking the law and risking substantial fines.

A shock

A licensed electrical contractor should be used for tasks such as replacing circuit breakers, installing a central vacuum system and converting a kitchen range from gas to electric (a gas plumber will be needed to disconnect the gas).

Plumbing problems

Replacing a washer and other minor plumbing jobs is okay. However, you’ll likely need a permit if moving or adding fixtures. It’s the same story for repairing or replacing pipes and installing a new water heater.

Get permits

Local authorities often insist permits are obtained before any structure changes begin, including roofing and extensions. As part of that process, you may find a qualified contractor is necessary.


Many owners know the basics of building a deck but don’t check local building codes. If your deck isn’t built specifically to meet code requirements, you may find your local authority will demand it be dismantled.

For the chop

You may need permission to remove a large tree. Given the danger of chopping down a tree, always use a qualified arborist who’s fully insured.

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